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Benefits of selling through Stylogenic on Vendor Central versus Seller's Central or Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA):

  • A front row seat to the coveted buy box. Most sellers take years to graduate to the high volume pre-orders that we are able to achieve for our clients in a short period of time. By selling on Seller Central or using Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) services, you could be leaving untold sums of revenue on the table by missing the coveted buy box (this is the box on the product page where customers begin shopping and where 82% of Amazon sales start).

  • Simplified return/damage handling. No more handling or paying for damaged and returned products!

  • Hands-off forecasting. No more looking in the Amazon "crystal ball" to determine how much product to send them and then paying the price, in storage fees, if you over estimate! Instead, you receive bulk orders up front and can then choose to fulfill to send to Amazon yourself or have us take it off your hands and fulfill for you.

  • Enhanced visibility & accelerated cash flow. Make better business decisions based on enhanced monitoring, detailed analytics reports, and cash flow projections (receive full payment in 30 days regardless of actual sales performance).

  • Premium Marketing Tools.  Stand out with the best "invite-only" features at discounted rates not offered to other sellers including enhanced A+ product pages, more effective sponsored and Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, highly targeted sampling programs, Vine review services, and more!

Contact us to start selling more and working less!

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