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Case Study #2

Le Angelique:  Hair Care Tools














"Stylogenic has been a trusted partner for over 10 years on several of our brands.  A few moths ago, I gave them our newest brand [Mira Dynamics] and they quickly cleaned up our listings and increased our sales.  We look forward to expanding our partnership with them on future brands."   

- Shauli Ben-Avraham, Founder, Le Angelique Hair Care

  • Client had multiple sellers on Amazon who were

       discounting which caused them to stop allowing

       sellers on Amazon all together.

  • They had tried selling & managing their listings

       themselves but didn’t have the time or expertise to

       do so.  

  • Stylogenic took over managing their Amazon account,

       providing full-service support including managing

       listings, optimizing, & logistics/operations support

       which increased sales & improved rankings.

  • Client continues to provide Stylogenic with more

       brands to manage on Amazon.

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