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Sell more, work less.  We offer a customized approach that expands brand awareness and increases sales volume.   Whether you’re just getting started or already have an established presence on Amazon, we will design a strategy to suit your most critical needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Low-Risk Investment

Why pay for results you can't see?  At Stylogenic, we don't believe in charging our vendors high up-front fees for our services.  We work on a commission structure which ensures that the only way we succeed is if YOU do!

Limited Terms & Fast Results

Unlike most companies, you'll see noticeable results and increased revenue within months (not years) of working with us.  In addition, we empower you to continue to grow and be independent, if you choose to do so, after our partnership/contract has ended.  


Premium Marketing Tools
Stand out with the best enhanced features including optimized content, key word/SEO research, enhanced A+ product pages, more effective sponsored and PPC ads, Early Review Programs from top reviewers, and much more!

Protect Your Brand Integrity 

As your demand rises, so will your rivals.  Discounting and price wars, not only threaten your profits but they also compromise your brand integrity.  Achieving and maintaining supremacy in a fiercely competitive marketplace requires SFR's premium services to police your listings and vigilantly guard your brand integrity in the online marketplace. 


Streamline Your Operations

High volume sales on Amazon can be overwhelming and expensive, with resource-sucking demands on manpower, process, and time.   

We unburden you from Amazon operations & fulfillment – with all its related costs and frustrations. Simplify your business model and stay focused on your top priority:  your product.  

Outsource Your Pain Points
Forget about storage fees, training, overtime, and so much more. Outsource your pain points and let our expert in-house team handle all the logistics from order entry to inventory management for you.

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