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Just getting started on Amazon?  Here are some considerations when making the decision to do it yourself or outsource:

  • Get first mover advantage. Entering Amazon first is critical to establishing momentum.  If you don’t introduce your products first, trust us, someone else will! The pitfall is once your product UPCs have been uploaded by someone else in Amazon, your sales history is tracked based on improper positioning and that could negatively impact your rankings.

  • Hit the ground running. Most sellers take years to graduate to the high volume pre-orders via Amazon Vendor Central that we are able to achieve for our clients in a short period of time. By selling on Seller Central or using Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) services, you could be leaving untold sums of revenue on the table by missing the coveted buy box (this is the box on the product page where customers begin shopping and where 82% of Amazon sales start).

  • Efficient setup. We know how to optimize products on Amazon for success and have access to advanced listing tools that will guarantee your brands are expertly showcased.

  • Sidestep costly Amazon traps. Amazon is a demanding environment full of hidden fees and unanticipated complications. We help you avoid extra man hours, mountains of documentation, hidden fees, shortage claims, suspended accounts, packaging leaks, and other expensive complications by either guiding you through the fulfillment process so you can do it yourself or we completely take it off your hands and do it for you!

  • Premium Marketing Tools. Stand out with the best invite-only features including enhanced A+ product pages, more effective sponsored and PPC ads, highly targeted sampling programs, Vine review services, etc. at discounted rates not offered to other Amazon sellers!​

Contact us to get started on the right foot!

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