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Prime Yourself for Amazon Sales Inc.

Amazon Prime Day is coming! Amazon Prime Day is July 17th, with deals starting at 3pm on the 16th. Coined "The Black Friday of July," in 2017, sales increased over 60%, from 2016, with sales totaling over 2.41 billion dollars!*

Early last month, Stylogenic sent notifications to select vendors that Amazon's algorithms identified as having a greater likelihood of appearing on the deals page during Prime Day/Week. To be eligible for Prime Day, all deals must have met the following minimum criteria:

  • Discount of at least 20% off the current Amazon retail price on date submitted.

  • A rating of 3 stars or higher on the date of submission.

  • Meet Amazon financial and demand thresholds.

If you didn't get in on Amazon's Deal Page...have no fear! There are still ways you can cash in on Prime Day, expand your reach, and promote your products to Prime shoppers through search advertising.

Search advertising is typically provided to vendor central customers that "own" the buy box and have products that aren't being offered at a discount by other sellers on the Amazon Marketplace. Just to give you an idea of the type of results you can expect as an advertiser, here's a look at last year's advertiser stats:*

  • 250%-300% lift in ad-attributed sales

  • 150%-200% lift in ad clicks

  • 100%-150% lift in ad impressions

Overall, search advertising can help you stand out from the crowd and reach a wider audience. Another added benefit is a jump start on your holiday marketing. Now is the perfect time to experiment with your ad campaigns to gain knowledge and insight on what works for your advertising strategy and use that information to cash in on the busy holiday season and beyond!

Prime Day Advertising Tips

You can get started with Amazon search advertising for a little as $10 a day. Although you could take a stab at putting together an ad campaign on your own, unless you have advertising experience (namely in e-commerce advertising/marketing) it's probably best to save yourself time and avoid making costly mistakes by leaving it to the pros. Contact us today and let our Amazon Marketing Specialists help you craft and manage an ad campaign that is primed for sales.


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