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The Early Bird Gets the Worm - Increasing your Amazon Reviews for the Holidays and Beyond.

Amazon reviews are vital to the success of all brands on Amazon.  It builds trust with customers and highly affects search ranking on Amazon which, in turn, leads to more sales!

Based on internal Amazon numbers disclosed at Amazon’s seller conference in Los Angeles this year, here are some stats:

  • 0->1 review = increase of 166% in sales

  • 1->5 reviews = additional increase of 88% in sales

  • 3+-stars average ratings = increase search results by 120%

  • 4+-stars average ratings = increase search results an additional 80%

Long story short...more reviews = more sales!

Follow-up Post Order Emails

One way to pursue Amazon reviews for your products in a way that's compliant with Amazon's review policies is to send a Follow-up post-order email where you follow up all sales with one post-order sales email to confirm the order is to the customer’s satisfaction, troubleshoot their issues proactively, and then ask for their feedback on Amazon’s platform in a neutral fashion. (Currently, all Stylogenic Services partners receive this as a free service.)

Early Reviewer Program

Another effective way to increase reviews is with Amazon's recently launched Early Reviewer Program.  Priced at $60 per sku (paid to Amazon to cover their program costs). With this program, customers are encouraged to leave initial reviews to initially vet the product. 

If you choose to participate in Early Reviews, we recommend reaching out to friends, family, and existing customers to leave feedback.  Additionally, you may choose to provide a discount or other special incentive to encourage reviews and/or sales.

If you are interested in partipating in Amazon's Early Reviewer Program, you can activate skus yourself here or, if you're a Stylogenic partner, we can activate them for you. Contact us, today, for help with signing up for Early Reviews or about our full-service Amazon consulting services!

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