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Making the Grade with Amazon A+ Product Content

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Boost Sales, Brand Awareness and Customer Confidence with Amazon A+ Pages


Question: What are Amazon A+ Product Pages and how can they benefit my brand and sales?

Answer: Amazon A+ content can help capture customers’ attention while strengthening your brand by providing enriched online content that goes beyond the basic listing content. Here are some of the elements that A+ page contains that can give you a considerable advantage over your competitors and increase customer confidence:

  • Multiple/Varied product images and lifestyle images

  • A short overview of your product

  • Bullet points listing the highlights of your product

  • More detailed information including product specs, benefits and features

  • A “What’s in the Box” section letting customers know everything that comes with the product they’re purchasing, so there’s no surprises.

  • A comparison chart to help cross-sell or provide more detailed information

Moreover, according to Amazon, A+ content has been shown to drive sales up between 3-10% by increasing online and offline purchases.* This is due to the fact that many customers use the internet as a starting point to research potential purchases, regardless of whether or not they purchase them online or in-store.

Question: How Much Does It Cost?

Answer: As of January 1st, 2018, Amazon has made Basic A+ content free for all vendors. When designing a Basic A+ Page you’ll have the choice to choose between self-service or letting Amazon design it for you.

If you choose to design your A+ page yourself, the money you save will be made up with the time and extra resources you’ll need to spend to create the content including text, high resolution images, and lay-out/design. Unless you have a background in marketing or ecommerce sales, the self service option is best left to people with some background in marketing.

If marketing, particularly in e-commerce, isn’t your cup of tea, then it may be best to have Amazon, or someone who does have the experience design it for you. The average cost for Amazon to create it for you is around $1200+ which is why having a third party, like Stylogenic Services, create one for you (at a fraction of the cost) might make more sense.

In short, A+ content is a great marketing option for any brand that is looking to boost sales, brand awareness, and customer confidence.

However, listing optimization and creation of A+ content for Amazon requires quite a lot of resources, as well as knowledge in various areas. If you’re strapped on time, resources, and/or knowledge; our team can take on the work to help you promote your brand on Amazon. Contact us today!


*Lincoln, John. “Do You Know the Secret Weapon to Boost Amazon Sales?”, February 13th, 2017,

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Modi Ronen
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