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Understanding Amazon Brand Registry

If you've tried working with Amazon yourself, you've probably experienced the frustrations of trying to effectively market your products on their marketplace. Even simple things like making small changes to your listings can become almost impossible due to another seller putting in the wrong information about your product, for instance.

In response to these challenges, Amazon designed Brand Registry 2.0 to help give brand owners more control over their products, allowing them to protect their brand on the marketplace.

Who's eligible for brand registry?

1.) Manufacturers and brand owners or...

2.) Distributors, re-sellers and people with written permission from a brand or manufacturer to manage a product’s detail page on Amazon.

How do you enroll in brand registry?

Amazon's process is pretty simple and straightforward. To begin the process you will need to visit their brand registry page and provide the following information:

1.) The trademark registration number for your brand.

2.) A list of your product categories.

3.) Your brand's website.

4.) A list of countries where your products are manufactured and distributed

5.) An image of your brand's logo and image of your packaging and product with the brand clearly showing.

Brands that are working with an agent, or one seller, on Amazon can have them initiate the brand registry process on their behalf.

What's the benefit of registering your brand?

Besides being able to control listing information, the biggest benefit is expedited removal of unauthorized or counterfeit sellers which results in the potential for increased conversion rate and sales. Unauthorized and counterfeit listings are a common problem for many sellers, particularly those with popular brands and high sales volume.

Although, Amazon says, brand registry doesn't make you immune from these types of sellers, it makes controlling the situation a lot easier because the work of registering the brand is already done.

As we all know, Amazon is a constantly evolving marketplace where it is becoming easier for anyone off the street to start selling your products and misrepresenting your brand. Arming yourself with brand registry and Stylogenic's Elite Seller Program can be your key to peace of mind and maximized profits in the Amazon Marketplace.

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