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Stylogenic Partners with Vialen Personal Care Products for Exclusive Distribution through Amazon

Strategic Partnership Provides Full-Service Amazon Account Management Solutions for Growing Dominican Based Beauty Brand.

Vialen Professional Keratin Line "Go Straight" Collection.

SFR Products, Inc (dba Stylogenic), a decade-long trusted provider of full-service Amazon® account management and customized e-commerce consulting solutions for the beauty and personal care industry, today, entered into an exclusive partnership with, Dominican-based beauty brand, Vialen USA.  Under their exclusive partnership, Vialen USA will provide Stylogenic with exclusive rights to sell their hair care and personal care products on the Amazon® marketplace and on their retail website,

Vialen Professional RETRO Afro Hair Care Line for Curly Hair.

 “Over the last decade, we’ve watched Amazon change the face of retail and the way beauty and personal care products are sold in the marketplace,” says Christine White, Director of Business Development for Stylogenic. “Today, consumers have the ability to scour the internet for the lowest price.  Often, this will lead them to Amazon where price wars run rampant and sellers battle for ownership of the coveted ‘buy box’ by offering them the lowest price.  Although this price-war is beneficial to consumers, it can be a losing battle for newly launched brands, like Vialen, that are trying to build their brand integrity.  Our Elite Program was developed to combat this issue by allowing us to help manufacturers maintain control over their Amazon presence, which ultimately increases their productivity by freeing up their time to focus on other aspects of running their business.”

Vialen Professional Penetrating Line "Go Strong" Collection.

Vialen’s partnership with Stylogenic will employ their new Elite Program which utilizes their long-standing relationship and expertise with Amazon® to create customized sales solutions that address the unique needs of individual businesses including a full range of strategic, logistical services, access to exclusive invite-only marketing programs, and ongoing listing management services which prevent discounting and compromised brand integrity. 

“As a newly launched company here in the United States and on the Amazon marketplace, the issue of maintaining our pricing and brand integrity was of utmost importance,” says Laura Ramirez, Director of Sales & Marketing at Vialen.  “We wanted to be able to establish and protect our retail pricing from discounting on Amazon as we begin to grow our distribution network and expand into retail.  Stylogenic’s Elite Program seemed like the perfect solution to help us launch and maintain control over our presence on the Amazon marketplace while, simultaneously, streamlining operations and logistics.”

Vialen Professional Yogurt Line "Go Smooth" Collection.

To find out how Stylogenic Services can help with your Amazon and, overall, online marketplace management visit or call Stylogenic corporate offices (toll-free) at 877-258-9126, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm PST to schedule your free consultation today.


About SFR Products, Inc. (dba Stylogenic) – For over a decade, Stylogenic has been a trusted provider of full-service Amazon® account management and customized online e-commerce consulting solutions for the beauty and personal care industries.  Whether you’re a startup launching products for the first time or a seasoned manufacturer already online, Stylogenic Services offers a customized approach that expands brand awareness and accelerates profitability through key marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, and more.   For more information about services for businesses/manufacturers visit www.stylogenicservices.comor visit  for online consumer/retail purchases.

About Vialen USA (manufacturers of Vialen Haircare and Personal Care Products) – Vialen USA is a recently launched beauty brand in the United States that is manufactured in the Dominican Republic.  With over 20 years of experience in the development of cosmetics, hair care, and personal care; Vialen specializes in tropically inspired beauty products that adapt to the diverse needs of every individual.  To learn more about Vialen USA, visit or

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